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Off to New Horizons RV in Kansas!

So we left Branson on Friday July 15 with our destination being Junction City, Kansas where our RV manufacturer, New Horizons, is located.

This part of the trip we were anxious for but also dreading!

I lived in Omaha for four years while I was in the Air Force, so I’ve experienced what life in the midwest is like weather-wise.  But, my wife was never really interested in visiting Kansas.  According to her,  Dorothy and Toto, there are tornados in Kansas!  Carol’s  a weather junkie and as fascinating a weather phenomenon that tornamaxresdefaultdos are, she had no desire to be a statistic of its uncertainty and power.  After we arrived here we found out that a tornado on May 26th hit the Abilene – Interstate 70 area which is only about 15 minutes from Junction City!
However, here we are!  LOL!

It was our first trip back to the factory to get some warranty work done on our rig.  All new RV’s always have a shakedown period during the first year where things go wrong, etc and this is our first opportunity to get some of these items serviced, repaired, etc.

We thought we’d be here at the most maybe a week and a half and be off to the Black Hills in South Dakota by the beginning of August!

WRONG!  We ended up being here for 29 days, just shy of one month for a myriad of reasons.   It was trying, as it included living in a hotel room for over two weeks with a doberman, in weather that was averaging over 100 degrees with high humidity.  When we weren’t in the hotel, we had to move in and out of the RV daily so the workers could get the problems resolved.

I think we visited every restaurant in Manhattan since we couldn’t cook in our RV – and we actually did our first two RVFoodys restaurant reviews here – The Hibachi Hut and The Little Apple Brewing Company – check them out!

Every other time we’d been to Kansas (while visiting the plant and then designing the RV), we didn’t spend much time exploring the area as we were here a few days and then back home to PA. This time, however, while waiting in line for our turn at the plant, we made it a point to see what the area had to offer – and we were surprised!

In the end it was all good!  We had everything on our repair list accomplished and saw some interesting sights!


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