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Sightseeing in the Flint Hills area – Manhattan

Since we spent a month in Kansas,  we did some sightseeing!IMG_1291
Having to spend time in a hotel in Manhattan, this is the area we spent the most time sightseeing.  Manhattan is a university town where Kansas State University is located and is quite a little jewel!  Restaurants are plentiful. The downtown area is lined with taverns, corner cafes and a few fine dining restaurants. Among our favorites were the Hibachi Hut, IMG_1279Harry’s deli, The Chef and the Tallgrass Tap House. The mall IMG_1301area and surrounding side streets have many locally owned and chain type restaurants. Texas Roadhouse happened to be right near our hotel, and the reviews in Trip Advisor for this restaurant was four stars. We both agreed that the steaks we had that night were outstanding as was the service. “Aggieville”, (the off campus student hangout) has taverns and bar type food and drinking establishments.

IMG_1248At the time, the students were not back in school, so getting a place to eat was not a problem with the exception of the “So Long Saloon”.  We attempted twice to eat there, both at lunch time and dinner time, but to no avail. It’s a small place, and our understanding from the locals, the atmosphere is fun and the food very good.

During the day we explored by walking.  Our 9 year old Doberman Pinscher, Stella requires a daily walk. We made those daily walks guide our course for the day. IMG_1395 Where do we walk, how far, and after she’s walked and happy, how long do we feel comfortable leaving her so that we can explore some of the “no dog zone” places.   Our walks varied from residential neighborhoods while admiring homes, well maintained,  dog friendly public parks and the quaint, but thriving downtown area of the city.  Of course we also walked through the beautiful Kansa State campus.. All of which gave us insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Manhattan residents.

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