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Camp New Horizons and Milford State Park


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The ladies(probably sharing a joke about the men)!

One of the pleasant surprises of living the RV life is meeting up with friends at unexpected places and times!

What a trio!

After being at New Horizons for two weeks, another fifth wheel pulled into the parking lot and lo and behold, it was new friends of ours, Linda & Ralph,  who we met back in May at the New Horizons owners group rally in Chattanooga.  Ralph and Linda hail from New Mexico are quite the characters and a lot of fun!

I thin the temp around the campfire was about 105! LOL!

After getting reacquainted, they introduced us to friends of theirs that had also arrived at New Horizons,  Dennis & Patty  from Texas.   So being RV’ers and doing what we do, we broke out the portable fire pit right on the asphalt parking lot at New Horizons and drank a few beers/wines and had a good ‘ole time!  I remember Ralph asking me, “Do you always have a campfire when the temperature is over 100 degrees?”   He has a valid point!  I said it was to kill the mosquitos!

The six of us eating dinner at Ike’s in Junction City!

IMG_3265Another thing you do when you go back to New Horizons is use their customer lounge a lot!  Here Carol snapped a picture of Stella and I making ourselves at home!  Stella especially liked this, as she would wander out to the receptionist, Caroline, and receive special treats throughout the day.


Not too far from Junction City is Milford State Park.   It is very pretty and consists of camping areas, a large yacht club, a 16,000 acre lake and some great fishing(which I need to get started on sometime soon).  We spent some time at the park while in Junction City and really enjoyed the area.

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