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Mt. Rushmore – 8/22/2016

P1010956Monday, we enjoyed Mt. Rushmore’s evening lighting ceremony
and dedication to our great nation and to the military of yesterday and today.


Lowering of the flag ceremony. All military veterans are invited to the stage.

The next day we went back to Mt. Rushmore and walked the presidential trail absorbing history lessons provided to us by the dedicated park rangers, whose job it is to educate each and every day to hundreds of travelers from all over the world.   I have to admit that I enjoy every one of the history lessons provided by presentations and tours.


It makes me wish I had payed  more attention in history class(Sorry Ted Thompson!) throughout my school years.   As they say, better late than never,  and for each lesson I’ve heard so far, I’m truly grateful for the enthusiasm, time and dedication of each and every Park Ranger.

Gutzon Borglum

With the imagination and dream of South Dakota historian,  Doane Robinson and the ingenious creativity of sculptor, Gutzon Borglum,  a sight to behold was created.   And what a creation Mt. Rushmore is!


A few interesting historical tidbits –

  1. The entire project cost $989,992.32!
  2. Unusual for a project of such size, no workers died during the carving.
  3. The image of Thomas Jefferson was originally intended to appear in the area at Washington’s right, but after the work there was begun, the rock was found to be unsuitable, so the work on the Jefferson figure was dynamited, and a new figure was sculpted to Washington’s left.
  4. There is room called the “Chamber Room” that is carved behind Abraham Lincoln’s head!  Click here to see a video.

Mt. Rushmore is is an awe-inspiring experience and a “must-see” when visiting the Black Hills!