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1880 Train ride – Hill City to Keystone – 8/24/2016

1880 train from Hill City to Keystone - South Dakota!
1880 train from Hill City to Keystone РSouth Dakota!    CLICK TO SEE A VIDEO!

Wednesday we decided to book a ride on the 1880 train from Hill City to Keystone and spend some time perusing the shops and food establishments in the small tourist town of Keystone.

The town is lined with trinket and tee-shirt shops along with pizza and tavern establishments. As intriguing as the town appeared when driving through it by vehicle, it was much less so while walking through it.


However, the train ride was worth our time and is an educational filled hour-long each way. As the steam engine chugged ever so slowly through the ponderosa pine filled black hills national forest, or as the Lakota people of the Sioux tribe called it, “Paha Sapa”, meaning “hills that are black”, once again we were surrounded by history and peaceful beauty!

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