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Little Apple Brewing Company, Manhattan, Kansas


This was a disappointing meal. My husband and I are visiting the area and love trying local restaurants.
This place sounded good and had reasonable reviews. When we first got there we waited about 5 minutes until someone showed up to seat us. There was another couple sitting there as well waiting a little longer. When the girl did show up to seat us, there was no eye contact and no apology for waiting. I can deal with that, we all have bad days. Once seated, the waiter, a young man, very pleasant and personable addressed us almost right away. He took our drink and appetizer order. We ordered their featured salad of beets, goat cheese and pickled quail eggs. DELICIOUS!

We were excited to get our meals because this salad was so good. Sadly, neither of the dishes we ordered were impressive.

My husband’s shrimp and pasta looked good, but the pasta was “sticky and had an odd aftertaste”. I tasted it and thought it had an “old” or “stored in the wrong place” kind of taste. Not good. My salmon was good, but the asparagus was over cooked as was the rice pilaf, it had no flavor. Both dishes lacked attention and detail. Compared to other places in the area, the food was just not as good for the price.

Reviewed by Carol.

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