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How’s Stella doin’?

How is Stella adjusting to life on the road?  We have put together a portfolio of her journey to date. Take a look!

(Don’t miss the video at the end of the blog post!)

Kids at a Kansas dog park with Stella.









It’s been 4+ months now since heading out on our new adventure on the road and many of our family and friends have asked us how Stella is adjusting to her new lifestyle?

Stella is our 10 yr old Doberman Pincher.  She’s a specimen!  img_3055 A beauty with a personality that one cannot resist – she often becomes the center of attention wherever we go.  But being a large dog and a Doberman at that, there is always the chance that we may be turned down for stays at certain parks.  Some parks have restrictions on dog sizes and breeds .  Sometimes it’s clearly explained on the rv park website, no large dogs or certain breeds, while other times it is stated that dogs are permitted, but give no details.  So when Kevin calls for reservations, his first phrase is usually something like, “we have a 10 year old well behaved Doberman.”  If they say they have a dog restriction he goes no further.  So far we may have had 2 or 3 breed restricted parks, but most have been very dog friendly.

Stella making herself at home in New Horizons RV customer lounge!
Stella making herself at home in New Horizons RV customer lounge!

So to answer the question of how is she or has she adjusted, well, she has adjusted very well to her new lifestyle.  She knows exactly when we are getting ready to move on to the next place and won’t leave our sight so she is not left behind!  If it’s a nice day, she sits outside and watches Kevin as he moves about getting the outside of the RV ready to move. img_1145 He could put her in the truck 3 hours before we take off and she would be as content and happy as a she could be and either sit there and watch him, or lie down and sleep. When she sees him get the steps out of the back of the truck she gets so excited because she knows it’s time to get up in the back seat of the truck. img_1176

She loves riding in the back seat!  This is her place and it has been set up just for her.  For her safety, she is tethered to a seatbelt to which she has adjusted very well.  It allows her to stand, sit, turn around and lie down.  She sleeps most of the time while we are driving, but there are times we catch her sitting up looking out of the window taking in all the sights.  When we stop at a truck or rest stop she knows exactly what is happening and wastes no time to do her business, get a drink and have a few snacks.

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When we get to our campground destination and while Kevin gets started with setting up the outside, Stella and I walk around the area so she can move around and stretch her legs and of course her most favorite part, take in NEW SMELLS!   Nose to the ground and the air and off she goes taking it all in!

Hmmmm....what's that new smell?
Hmmmm….what’s that new smell?

Once the inside of the RV is set up and she has completed her outside ritual, into the RV she goes to her bed to chill and relax while mom and dad put the finishing touches to our new backyard.

Like us, Stella is enjoying some “firsts” (aside from the flood and “stuck in the mud” episodes). She has never been to a sandy beach. Prior to the start of our full time RVing, Kevin would always tell her she is going to get to run on sandy beaches both on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. To date, no Pacific or Atlantic coast beaches, but she did get to visit and run on a sandy beach along Lake Erie and she loved it!

While at the Finger Lakes in upstate New York we took her for her first visit to a winery. For those of you who have met Stella, know that she is a “people” dog and loves to be “fussed” over.

While at the winery she, as usual, quickly became the center of attention!  I do believe the video and pictures will validate this statement.

So after perusing  Stella’s pictures and videos, I believe you will agree with us…she’s adjusted very well and enjoys traveling!

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