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Heading south for the winter!

Hello and Happy Holidays!img_0899

It’s been quite awhile since we last posted our RV adventures.  Our apologies to family and friends who have been waiting and asking for updates.  We have a few weeks behind us so let’s get started by backtracking.

It’s been about six weeks since Kevin and I left PA and headed to our winter destination site in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. 14680488_10207377943032543_1365183429850905274_n We left PA on November 11th and made our way to Washington DC/College Park, MD area to visit with son and daughter in law Todd and Chrissy and grandsons, Charlie and Graham.
img_1766Every time we see the boys, we are reminded of how quickly time flies.  Charlie is now 5 years old and goes to school (seems like he should still be 2 or 3),  and Graham is 2, but probably is as big, physically as a 4 year old.  God bless Chrissy for having the arm strength to carry that boy!  Oh and for her patience!


After a few days of visiting with the young Wike’s, we headed southwest to Lenoir, NC where my longtime childhood friend, Joyce Herman and her little buddy Buster resides.  Kevin nor I have ever been to the western part of NC, but from the  little bit of the area we saw, we both will tell you, it is beautiful!

Unfortunately, there were some days the beauty was a bit distorted,  as we had some very smoky days from the wildfires that were burning just 30 miles west of our campground.  I am very grateful that we did not have to be evacuated from our campground because of wildfires.  Having been evacuated from floodwaters and pulled out of a drenched mud field, we can tell you that we didn’t leave our guard down at any time and made sure that we knew the status of those fires at all times. 934cc60f-f0f5-4058-9921-2fab6195f04f

Joyce, thank you for showing us around in the time we had and thank you for being my lifetime friend!  I love you my friend!  Oh and Joyce, I can’t believe this (and I am embarrassed to even say this), but we forgot to get an updated picture while we were there.  How sad is that?  So I hope you don’t mind that I use one from the past.

From Lenoir, NC we continued south to Augusta, GA where we spent the Thanksgiving holiday with friends from Lebanon, Jo Beth Rhen, Michael Rhen-Sosbe and his husband Reverend Rick Rhen-Sosbe.  db77c203-a5f8-4919-92b4-41e701a0ea5cMike and Rick opened their home to us and their fabulous friends for Thanksgiving dinner.  The meal, like the company was awesome!   We later visited the downtown area of Augusta, GA., a beautiful area with very friendly people.img_0907

We, including Stella, had a nice walk along the Savannah river stopping to read the various blurbs of history marked along the way and taking in the beautiful day.  img_0906Sunday we were guests at Rick’s church, Metropolitan Community Church of Our Redeemer.  Great service, great sermon and a wonderful congregation!  Kevin and I very much appreciate Mike, Rick and Jo Beth for their gracious hospitality.  Again, thank you!  It was awesome to see you and we had a great time!



After making our way from Georgia to Lake City, Florida for a 2 day rest (and we definitely needed it when we arrived there, but that is a story for another day), we traveled on to our final winter destination in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, Gulf Waters RV Park!   It’s what we dreamed of and talked about for a very long time.

Wintering in Florida!

Full moon!
Shrimp trawler fleet in Fort Myers!

We will be here through late February before heading out again to explore other areas of Florida, (Lakeland, Destin). Then it will be time to move to the USA’s great western states!

As I write this,  it is Christmas Eve day.  I look outside my window and the sun is bright and the sky blue.  The air conditioner is humming around me.  And despite Christmas lights, decorated trees and various ornaments set up at different RV sites, in the air it really doesn’t feel much like Christmas.  Just this morning I said to Kevin that I am having enough trouble knowing what day of the week it is, because of retirement,  much less that its Christmas Eve, and that’s because of the weather.  However, neither of us would trade this Florida weather for PA’s gray, dreary, cold and maybe snowy and/or icy weather.  Not in the least bit!  But what is also missing from our lack of a “Christmasy feeling” is not being home with family and friends for all the fun, festive activities and celebrations.  So as I mentioned in a previous entry, this is when we are very grateful for Facebook and FaceTime.

Gulf Waters RV Resort!

Unfortunately this update will not be posted until after Christmas so we couldn’t tell you before now, but Kevin and I both wished for you and your loved ones, a very Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year!  Peace and blessings you to all!

(Watch for the next update, as you will get to see Wikey as he masters his “pickle ball” skills!)

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