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Kevin & Carol Wike -
Kevin & Carol Wike –

“All good things come to those that wait.” Hmmmm…..We prefer to say, “All good things come to those who plan, research and take some risks!”

That is exactly what we have done the past 10 plus years,  and it finally has come to fruition. We are the “Wike’s”, Carol and Kevin. We both love to travel and we both love to eat!  And how do we combine the two?  We travel across North America in our New Horizons 5th wheel RV.

About a decade ago, as we saw retirement looming on the horizon, we talked about traveling once that wonderful and liberating time of our lives would arrive.   Kevin always wanted to retire on a boat. We chartered many different types of boats in different bodies of water, testing which would be the most fun and suitable for us. All were fun!

However, we soon realized this lifestyle would limit what we could see and do, and there are not so many great restaurants on the water! After observing the many and various types of RV’s on the highways, we kicked around the idea of living the RV lifestyle instead.  We quickly realized we could see more of North America (and there is so much to see)  and we would experience so many more eating establishments and food cultures.  Hence, the beginning of planning and researching the RV life.

After attending the Hershey, Pennsylvania RV show for at least a decade, we ultimately decided to build a custom New Horizons fifth wheel RV and haul it with a Freightliner M2 Sportchassis truck.

Kevin and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  We hung out together throughout our young years, and went to school together, first through twelfth grade, and graduated in the same class.


After we both went our separate ways as neighborhood friends and classmates, we found spouses and had children.   Many years passed during which we probably only saw each other a handful of times!

Our paths again crossed again in the 1990’s, during our midlife when we were both once again single.  After dating almost 5 years we married in July 2002.

Throughout the years of our marriage, while still working, we traveled  to many places, loving all that each area had to offer: the sights, food, weather and more.  As we traveled, we realized we wanted more!

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So the decision was made to take a risk, sell the house, and buy the RV and truck.  And we did!

Kevin enjoyed a long career in Information Technology as a software developer and manager, and I, as a Registered Nurse.  We recently began retirement and living the full-time RV lifestyle and we say, “let the traveling begin!”  Stay tuned!

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