First winter in retirement – Fort Myers, Florida!

WOW!  It’s hard to believe our first winter in Florida is coming to an end.  I shake my head as I wonder why winters in PA never moved this fast?!

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Heading south for the winter!

Hello and Happy Holidays!img_0899

It’s been quite awhile since we last posted our RV adventures.  Our apologies to family and friends who have been waiting and asking for updates.  We have a few weeks behind us so let’s get started by backtracking.

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Susquehanna Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar – 11/09/2016

Great farm to table restaurant in the Harrisburg area!


Hello friends and family!

Time to check back in with our status,  as we’ve been quite busy for the past few weeks while visiting home with family and friends, medical appointments and procedures.   It is certainly a most beautiful time of the year to visit in PA.  Vibrant leaf colors, cool crisp evenings with roaring campfires and waking to frosty mornings.  Observing wildlife such as squirrels gathering nuts (and driving Stella crazy – squirrels to her are the enemy), whitetail deer and an occasional black bear who wonders through the campground foraging through the dumpsters looking to pack on those extra pounds prior to hibernation.  This is PA in its finest attire!

Totally in the “Fall season” mood and already in the Harrisburg area, we decided to have lunch at the “Susquehanna Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar”. fullsizerenderWe’ve dined here maybe 2 times before, and enjoyed the ambience and decor of the restaurant with it’s upscaled yet casual environment.  The menu is seasonal and offers steaks, poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes prepared with local and organic foods.  They also have a seasonal changing wine and beer list which adds to the flare of the total restaurant experience. 585c58d5-e606-424b-a140-0e9390baee0e On this particular day I unfortunately, for whatever reason, did not imbibe in a wine with my meal (Ok, ok, for those of you who know me know this doesn’t happen to often, you can pick yourselves off the floor).  However, I enjoyed the meal none the less. Mr. Wike of course had his usual, “what do you have on tap” craft or other seasonal beer.

Casey, our server!

The menu is varied and the description of each appetizer, salad, sandwich and main dish makes it very difficult to choose what to order. We both like everything and anything, especially if it is creatively and uniquely prepared which then makes it equally difficult to choose. Our server was Casey,  a pleasant young lady and very helpful in providing us specifics of each dish. This is why we enjoy Harvest Grille. Classy ambience and service with a creative menu and quality food.

Fennel Crusted Tuna

We both enjoyed their signature butternut squash soup as an appetizer.  Mmmmmm…seductively creamy and flavorful.  For the entree we both chose from the fish and seafood list.


I fancied my palate with the Fennel Crusted Tuna served with Organic Cranberry Brown Rice, Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry-Pear Sauce, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Spicy Shrimp Noodle bowl

Kevin enjoyed the Spicy Shrimp Noodle bowl with Ginger Soy Chuka Soba Noodles, Shiitake Mushrooms, Asparagus, Snow Peas, Toasted Cashews, Cilantro, Scallion, Thai Chili Oil, Sriracha Salted Lotus Root Chips.  Of course we always taste each others dish, and we both agreed that each dish was prepared to perfection and tasty.

Now who wants dessert? img_4618 Of course we do!  Harvest Grille desserts are “delectably rich”, but so worth every calorie.  What we both like about the desserts at Harvest Grille is the serving size.  They are served in a small serving dish/cup.  Just enough to get a good taste and plenty enough to round out the meal.  Kevin the ordered the pecan pie and me the chocolate salted caramel mousse.  We swapped halfway through each one so we could enjoy decadent deliciousness of both.  Again, worth every bite!

Most of you, I’m sure are wondering about the prices of all this glamour, class and taste that I mention.  Prices at the Susquehanna Harvest Grille are higher than some can or may want to pay.  If that is the case, save the visit for a special occasion.  However, the price for the quality of food and dining experience is well worth it!

Do we suggest you give Susquehanna Harvest Grille a visit? You betcha we do! 5 RV’s up baby! Bon appétit!

Our journey east from South Dakota!


Like I’ve said before, aside from all the reading and research, the actual art of RVing is all new to us.  “The trip is never as planned but it’s  always an adventure”.  In this entry I will share 2 of the most challenging events of our adventures so far.  Welcome to our version of RVing 101!Continue reading

Omaha, Nebraska – 09/20/2016

After we left the Badlands, we headed east and overnighted at a nondescript campground in Sioux Falls, SD.  The next morning, we drove “Beauty” and the “Beast” due south towards the Omaha, Nebraska area.Continue reading

A Night at Rankin Ridge – Bugling Elk – 9/7/2016


Fire look out tower

Wednesday evening we went back to Wind Cave National Park for a visit to Rankin Ridge lookout in an attempt at seeing Elk or at least to hear the bugle of the male bull in rut.  Here is where the park ranger told us a few days earlier elk herds were spotted.  We parked the truck in the trailhead parking lot and made the 1 mile trek up the Rankin Ridge trail.

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Wyoming day trip with Jim & Vicki Garrett – 09/01/2016

With Jim & Vicki at Devils Tower, Wyoming
With Jim & Vicki at Devils Tower, Wyoming

Our friends from Lebanon, PA, Jim and Vicki Garrett have spent the last two summers in Rapid City, SD.   Jim is a workamper for the summer, and Vicki continues to work remotely at a  full time job that she’s held for almost 25 yrs.   How grand is that!  You can still make money from the comforts of your own home, while traveling the country.   Welcome to full time RVing!

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Powder House – Keystone, SD – 8/24/2016

The Powder House serves great wild game in the Black Hills of South Dakota!

Rustic Powder House Lodge

Carol and I decided to go out for dinner and try one of the local favorites in Keystone, South Dakota – the Powder House.

As are most of the restaurants around here, it a seasonal restaurant open from mid-May until mid-October.img_1535

According to their web site,  the Powder House Restaurant has garnered a national reputation for serving some of the finest Prime Rib in the Mid-West, and  has also established a reputation for the fine Buffalo and wild game entrees.   Carol and I love wild game, so off we went!

img_1542We were seated promptly(with reservations) and the wait staff was attentive and friendly.

The restaurant interior is rustic and woodsy that really matches the local atmosphere.  Soon after we arrived, the restaurant became very busy, and it was a full house!

We were intrigued by their menu.   They had some interesting items, such as Buffalo meatloaf, Chef Les’ Pork Chop which was a 12 oz. double boned rack in pork chop, Vegetable Wellington-Asparagus, Red Pepper, Onion and Spinach wrapped in a Pastry with Pesto Sauce and Goat Cheese, Wapiti(Elk) & Tatanka(Buffalo) burger and bacon-wrapped trout.  Other interesting items were BBQ buffalo short ribs, Elk medallions, and a game sampler platter of buffalo short rib, elk medallion, buffalo sausage, and a blended game sausage.

Not your standard fare by a long shot!

Bison tenderloin

I knew I wanted to try a bison tenderloin before we arrived at the Powder House, so my menu choice was predetermined! They recommend not cooking bison steak more than medium because it is very lean.  I like mine rare anyway, and they cooked it perfectly.  The texture was spot on and was very flavorful!

Stuffed quail

Carol decided on having what was my second choice – Stuffed quail – three  birds stuffed with seasoned wild rice, roasted to a golden brown then finished with a garnet hued blackberry sauce.  Carol said the birds were cooked perfectly but the sauce was too sweet and there was too much of it, so much so,  that it “drowned”  the entire entree.  A little “spoon push” of sauce on the  plate under the quail would’ve worked better.

 In our quest to become “traveling foodys”, we always enjoy stopping at the local establishments to critique their specialties.  Some of the criteria we use when rating the establishment are decor, cleanliness, wait staff, menu, prices compared to the area competition, and food quality.

The Powder House met all the standards of an “excellent” rating with the exception of the sauce on Carol’s quail.   So the Powder House gets 4 RV’s up!  If you’re ever in the Black Hills, try it, you’ll like it!

Riding the E-bikes in the Black Hills – 8/28/2016

Mickelson Trail

The weather in Hill City has been spectacular the last few days, with brilliant sunshine during the day, and clear cool evenings.   Perfect weather!

So we decided it was time to take our Polaris e-bikes for another spin on the Mickelson Trail.

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